3:11pm cliffs of moher, ireland

cliffs of moher, ireland

Anonymous: do you actually have in mind what you're going to search when you're on google maps? i want to be just like you but i don't know where to start!

it depends. i either pick a random location hoping to find something beautiful/interesting or i pick a place that i know is spectacular and then i look for the perfect frame.

i started google maps trips when i realized i can’t afford a real trip to Alaska. so if there is any place you want to “visit” just go to maps.google.com, set the map to the satellite mode, zoom in a little bit and drag the street view icon (it’s this yellow guy on the left) anywhere on the map where you like it.

good luck! 

6:59pm fùxīng 3rd road, beitou district, taiwan

fùxīng 3rd road, beitou district, taiwan

5:16pm barstrand, norway

barstrand, norway

Anonymous: Do you do a lot of traveling yourself? What country are you from?

not a lot. i’d love to travel more but it’s an expensive hobby. i am from poland